These education resources have been created to support and promote active citizenship with young Australians. They connect both the Australian of the Year Awards and Australia Day activities in an engaging format that is easy for teachers to use. The resources target three broad age levels with each focussing on a different student inquiry focus.

Aussie of the Month

The Aussie of the Month program is a primary school recognition program, recognising personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community and reflects some of the values we share as Australians, such as fair go, mateship, respect and inclusion.

Aussie of the Month is delivered by the same network that presents the Australian of the Year Awards nationally.  The Australian of the Year Awards profile leading citizens who are role models for us all, who inspire us through their achievements and active citizenship, and challenge us to make our own contribution to creating a better Australia.

Aussie of the Month reflects similar values, and aims to encourage an appreciation of the diversity and depth of personal contribution and achievement possible within your school, and bring about increased concern and consideration for all members of the school community.

Many schools have successfully integrated Aussie of the Month into their civics and citizenship curriculum by using the program to generate discussion about participation and involvement outside of the school community.

Visit the Aussie of the Month website for more information:


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Years 3-6
Inquiry focus: Active citizenship

At a glance:

  • What makes an Australian of
    the Year candidate?
  • What do these people demonstrate about being an Australian citizen?

Australia Day celebrations

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Years 5 - 7
Inquiry focus: National identity

At a glance:

  • What do Australia Day celebrations, Citizenship Ceremonies and pledges and the Australian of the Year Awards tell us about our sense of ourselves as Australians?

Exploring Australian of the Year Awards

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Years 7-8
Inquiry focus: Diversity and cohesion

At a glance:

  • What do the Australian of the Year Awards say about a changing and diverse Australia?


The Australian Citizenship Affirmation is featured at special events and ceremonies to give the community an opportunity to affirm their loyalty to Australia and its people.

The Affirmation helps people articulate and learn about our shared Australian values and could be incorporated into special school events or assemblies.


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